Websites for Non-Profits: Because your needs are Special
Exceptional websites for non-government organizations (NGO).


Get out of the paucity mindset and run your organization like a business. Get your team working more efficiently and effectively. We can get you in the black again and helping more of those who need it most.

Free Isn't Cheap

There are lots of free or low-cost solutions out there, but your organization will suffer from their inadequate services. We specialize in helping non-profits like yours get more funding from a variety of sources.

Creative design

We make websites custom-designed for your donors so they can better-support your campaigns.


Know which campaigns resonate with your donors so you can put more passion in their compassion.


Your website will fit on any screen like desktops, tablets or smartphones, so your donors can find you anywhere.

Holistic Services

We provide Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing to round out your Internet donation outreach.

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What Our Clients Say


Nancy J.

"Rob is amazing....always there for our charity, always ready to help, advise and guide me personally through the maze of internet advertising. I cannot recommend him or his work and integrity enough.

Anja S.

"Mr. Cole converts the creative ideas of the customer and responds also to requests for changes without any delay. His use goes beyond the usual scope and problems--of any kind.

Anne S.

"Thank you so much for everything that you are doing to assist us with the website; we really are very grateful.

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