Do you start your day all planned out on what you want to accomplish, and by 10 AM you have to scrap that because too many other priorities get in the way?
These aren't your ideas are they? No, someone or often several "someones" come in and drop this other stuff on your plate. It creates an environment of a lot of activity, but nothing is being accomplished. The antithesis of productivity.
Are you under a deadline to get a report in, only to have that document sit on the desk for days, weeks?
This is what I call lag racing. There is a lot of lag time between activities, sapping energy from the team. Tasks should be handed off from team member to team member with no delays, much like a relay race.
Do you get peppered with requests?
These are epic projects coming at you several times a week, some say several times a day. It is the whim-du-joir. Someone has great ideas and the team reflexively reacts to the requests to try and implement them, without checking first to see how the project will be accepted.

It is time to end these activity drains.

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